Summer Fest Collection

Boho is never going out of style: it was and still is very much there and DyStyle ensures that. We stand for unconventionality, originality with a glamorous touch.

Boho colored custom made plus size dress

The ‘Summer Fest Collection’ is a source for being introduced to the mid ‘60s urbane and contemporary women’s clothing. The clothing in this collection are having a vintage fashion style that will embezzle your hearts. The boho feature dresses  are chic, sexy and would look great on any body shape. High fashion combined with classics is our inspiration. These will surely brighten up your day and elevate your mood. It doesn’t cost earth; it’s for every girl who desires to be appreciated and wants to look like a piece of art. Our dresses portray fashion as an individual style. Boho print dresses, detailed necklines, shirting stripes- just illustrate the adroitness and agility gone into crafting these stunning pieces of art.

Ciprian Strugariu has captured tailored elegance in these photographs dexterously. He does this best and he knows it! Dresses here are wardrobe essentials, undeniably. These dresses are aesthetic, sylphlike and willowy. Our hearts can’t handle the lithe and fascination these dresses possess. The passion for feminity and style reflects in the dresses worn by the model in these pictures.

Fashion boho summer photography

The fabrics chosen for the dresses are of extreme importance for DyStyle. We understand that going for a slightly wrong fabric in a clothing  can result in an unsuccessful project. Falling for a certain type of fabric depends upon the pattern of design of the dress. Lace, silky cotton and silky satin are the fabrics we opt for when looking for the new designs. The fabrics we use have a beautifully crisp quality which makes graceful and comfy dresses.

Colors hold an exceptional value in the pictures as they set the temperament, feel and mood for the photographer and the model. Artistic amalgamation of colors can change the whole sense of the picture, the dress and the way the model wearing the clothes feel.

Bold colors and patterns with board stripes, guipure laces and basically the general vibe which DyStyle radiates is what defines our label. Use of fine fabrics and perfection of production is what is significant to accomplish a unique and authentic retro look. Our label stands for femininity, stunning artistic shades of colors and sensuality.

The model in these photographs is Cristina Strecopitov, the great Romanian magician, who has been perfectly styled by Diana Costache. The mutual endeavors from both sides brings up the superlative pictures which has all of us drooling over them, from top to bottom.

Boho bell sleeves lace plus size wedding dress
Model have nailed every photo with her feminine attitude. All models of our label define gorgeousness and show how to slay the right way. Our models have the sensuous vibe which keeps you hooked. It’s the strong personality, confidence and the positivity they radiate, naturally which makes them appear sexy effortlessly.

DyStyle is the place where pieces of art come alive with innovation and careful selection of looks that will help you build an authentic retro image.


© Photo by Ciprian Strugariu
Model: Cristina Strecopitov
Styling: Diana Costache

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