We Dove Into The Cold, To Capture Winter’s Stillness By The Sea

Polka dots feathers sheer dressing gownIn the frozen landscape, only one heart can beat.  A brave beautiful heart of a woman able to magically turn biting cold into a beautifully painted frozen canvas. Together with magician Cristina Strecopitov, we ventured into the wilderness of the frozen Black Sea, to find barely beaten paths and the waters turned into fields of ice.

The allure of untouchable beauty was brought to life with incredible pinup clothes, by DyStyle, against the backdrop of nature dressed in white. As the wind blew over captured waves, only the finest fabric moved with it in the magical light of the morning.

© Photo by Ciprian Strugariu
Styling: Diana Costache
Model: Cristina Strecopitov
Clothes: www.DyStyle.ro

More info: strugariu.com

 Black tulle see thourgh sheer feathers custom made plus size robe Polka dots body Snow boudoir sexy photography Fashion boudoir winter photography Black sheer feathers dressing gown 16295950_10208370953453983_1447168255_n 16296148_10208370954093999_1117617083_n 16216285_10208370954374006_439014600_n 16216145_10208370954334005_962796402_n 16237725_10208370953333980_1162886881_n 16216122_10208370953853993_619415798_n 16216394_10208370953253978_97289944_n

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