Pin Up Hot Beauty with Elena Borbel by Ciprian Strugariu Photography

      Art is created when the relationship between actuality and fantasy is put together into pieces in a way that complexity finds its meaning. That’s the exquisiteness of art- its intricate, higgledy-piggledy and exudes joie de vivre.
Sexy black sequins custom made dress
     The pictures in this photo shoot stand true to, ‘we make art, not only fashion’.
     All the pictures have ‘color’ as a key element.  The immediate sense we achieve after looking at these pictures is the stimulation and deep satisfaction photographer achieves by capturing art and creates intriguing effects.
     The intricate details, the involvedness, subtleness of mood and most importantly beautiful clothes in all the pictures are pleasing to the eye. Every picture is a piece of art, without having to exaggerate. These emanate beauty, boldness, elegance, an appeal that can’t be overlooked and makes us get in touch with our sexuality and wildness. The pictures not only display extraordinary pieces of clothing that every women would be more than happy to possess but every single detail of the pictures need to be observed. Why? Because art needs to be noticed, appreciated and more than everything it needs to be cherished and treasured.
     The clothes worn by the model in all the pictures are bold, appealing, sexy and gallant. They are  beautifully designed and needless to say fashionable, smart and chic.
Stripes short plated pin up skirt
    Ciprian Strugariu photographs’ clothing that exudes a sense of freedom, a love for art, letting go of any boundaries that limit the joy in your life. The optimistic approach towards living and just be who you are supposed to be, instead of compromising your radiant personality according to the standards set by society. Our clothes stand for passion, infinite love and beauty.
     The model, the beautiful Elena, unquestionably iconic, confident and have the right attitude. Every picture seems to be in place all thanks to the cherubic model who bless the pictures.  Strong, feminine and youthful easily comes across in all these artistic pictures.
Boudoir Pin Up Fashion Photography
     To conclude, art is the accurate interaction with shades, surface and magnitude- Ciprian Strugariu does it with absolute frankness candor and integrity.
© Photo by Ciprian Strugariu
Model: Elena Borbel
Concept & Styling: Diana Costache

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