DyStyle Concept

     DyStyle was launched in 2012 inspired by the desire to bring back the iconic and glamorous style of the past with a modern touch.            



     The elegance and sensuality of the ’20’s-‘60’s are combined with high quality fabrics and lovely prints to generate modern and versatile designs which are perfect to wear during both daytime and special occasions.

     Every single DyStyle’s piece is timeless whilst expressing modernity and classic style; our unique designs bring the emblematic elegance of the past to the future.

   DyStyle’s creations are born from creativity work which pursuits comfort without compromising fine details. Our collections are exclusively hand-made using both local fabrics and expertise to help sustain the local economy.


Our collections get the inspiration from the fabulous Pin Up girls, extraordinary feminine icons of style.

Through our successful retro campaigns and the exceptional work of one of the best fashion photographers in Bucharest, Ciprian Strugariu, DyStyles creations have spanned widely across international markets, bringing the attitude, the look and Pin Ups’ sexy look into modern living.

Collections are available on our website www.dystyle.ro and our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DyStyle.ro .

DyStyle Worldwide

In the first year since its establishment, DyStyle has already been covered in some fashion magazines such as Modern Vintage Magazine UK and Pin Up America Magazine USA and it’s confirmed the only Pin Up store from Romania.

In 2013 DyStyle partnered some fashion events in Romania, including the Rockabilly concert of the band “Las Pistolas” UK at the Hard Rock Café in Bucharest.

Our sells span in countries across the globe including Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Norway, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia and Japan. Our collections have also been shown in some design and hand made showrooms in Bucharest.

This year’s success ended in great style with DyStyle’s 1st birthday being marked by the Color Symphony collection fashion show in an extraordinary popular venue, the Finnish Club in Bucharest.

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