Urban Pin-Up in Bucharest

DyStyle invites you to rediscover Bucharest and the pin-up urban style with the new 2015 summer collection.
The campaign photos are talking about the relationships made by this style with the architecture of the city and show how wearable is pin-up in the urban space.
Using limited edition prints, a solar palette of colors and black and white stripes with amazing fabrics, DyStyle made looks from classic 3/4 skirts and dresses, to long and short ample skirt so it can combine the old with the new in one collection.
The campaign photo shoot for DyStyle summer collection was conducted on the streets of Bucharest using the main urban landmarks of the city.
Photographer Ciprian Strugariu (strugariu.com), model Sinziana Maria Iacob (blackwhitestyle.ro) and stylist Diana Costache (dystyle.ro) made a Bucharest ‘tour de force’ and were able to match the pin-up style with important areas of the city from The Palace of the Parliament and Victoria Avenue to the streets marked by graffiti.

The team:

Photo: Ciprian Strugariu
Model: Sinziana Maria Iacob
Concept & Styling: Diana Costache
Make-up : Diana Ionescu
Hair: Frincu Alexandru
PR: Ana Andrei
Clothes: www.dystyle.ro / www.facebook.com/DyStyle.ro

Unirii Fountains

_MG_5648 as Smart Object-1_1


Urban Graffiti on Berzei Street

_MG_5689 as Smart Object-1

The Palace of the Parliament

_MG_5616 as Smart Object-1_1

Marcel – the Urban Goat

_MG_5573 as Smart Object-1

Romanian Athenaeum

_MG_5713 as Smart Object-1

UAR Building in Revolution Plaza

_MG_5751 as Smart Object-1

The Palace of Justice

_MG_5803 as Smart Object-1

CEC Palace

_MG_5864 as Smart Object-1

Bucharest Opera House

_MG_5892 as Smart Object-1

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