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Retro fashion

Retro fashion

Elegance and sensuality of the ’20′s-‘60’s are combined with high quality fabrics and lovely prints to generate modern and versatile designs which are perfect to wear during both daytime and special occasions.

Every single DyStyle’s piece is timeless whilst expressing modernity and classic style; unique designs bringing the emblematic elegance of the past to the future.


DyStyle’s creations are born from creativity work which pursuits comfort without compromising fine details.

The collections are exclusively hand-made and custom made featuring: Pin Up dress, Great Gatsby dress, Custom made dresses and more.

The website is nice and clean, easy to navigate and very straightforward. The colors are just awesome, the fonts as well, and everything is blended perfectly with the images – to offer the user with an astonishing user experience.

Contact information, including their phone number, is featured as well, so anyone interested in their products and/or services can get in touch with them easily.


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